WIP-PS-storm-4Today is the day Christians remember the arrest of Jesus.  It is a busy day for me.  I have an appointment in the morning, followed by a break in the afternoon (I hope), followed by a supper and evening service at the church.  In the afternoon I hope to hook more on Prairie Sky rugettes for the upcoming sale.  But we will see.

Yesterday I was to the gym, to Crafting, and to do some grocery shopping.  I had time to hem the two Poppy rugettes and the two Crabapple Spring rugettes.  I also put sleeves on them and prepared hanging sleeves for “Mixed Emotions” and “Dead of Winter”.  I prepared another strip of linen backing and drew ten more rugettes on it.  That should be all I have time for before the sale.  But we shall see.  I will do a mixture of Prairie Sky, Poppy, Spring, and Summer rugettes.  I am also going to hook a couple of poppy coasters to have something to donate to the volunteers at the sale.


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