WIP-PS-Cumulus-4Well it was a busier week than I thought it would be this past week.  This was in a good way.  I was able to go out with friends to lunch twice, to movies twice, to a medical appointment, and to the gym three times.  In around all that, despite overdoing it at the gym, I was able to dye two more dye pots of blue fibre and hook five rugettes.  I have a sixth on the go today.  There is hope I will be finished and have something for sale by the 24th of May at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.

I have been exploring the option of printing my greeting cards locally.  It will have to wait till I have the car to go around to the various local printers for quotes.  We have one car here and hubby takes it to work until the weather warms up.  Then he cracks out his bicycle and leaves the car to me while he bikes to and from work.  It is a win-win scenario come spring.  I have wheels and he exercises to improve his health. 🙂

I am serging forward into the next week.  I have five more rugettes on my backing (including the one I’ve started) to finish before the end of next week.  I am putting a push on and trying to finish them by mid-week.  I have a slow afternoon happening Wednesday with waiting for doctors and crafting.  I want to have my rugettes to the point where I can hem them and sew on sleeves while visiting and waiting in waiting rooms.

Today I am off to pick up posters for the upcoming sale to distribute around town, and possibly have a haircut.  Depends whether my ESL student shows up or not!  I have not heard  a peep from her since her husband left town.  She is without wheels.  If she does not show up, I will be finishing a rugette, and possibly doing some shopping.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. 🙂


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