Birch-TreesI thought I would give you all a new header to look at.  After almost two years I was growing tired of the old one.  It was some lupins I took a photo of while in PEI one year on vacation. This photo was taken of a nearby garden a few years ago.  The owner has since moved and the garden is no more.  But it used to be the loveliest garden in the neighborhood!  I sure miss it and the lady with the green thumb who cared for it.

I have eight rugettes finished, blocked and pressed, ready for sewing the edges today.  I also have eight sleeves ready to attach.

I have a busy day ahead of me – gym, lunch with a friend, crafting, and a doctor’s appointment.  I have been told the doctor is notorious for keeping patients waiting 1 – 2 hours.  As I have no choice and have to see this particular doctor, I am taking the rugettes with me to work on while waiting.

I suspect by the time I arrive home in the evening I will be good and tired…and ordering supper in.  I will check in with you all tomorrow…with a photo or two. 🙂


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