OrchidI spent yesterday cleaning up my studio.  Found a couple of hooks I lost under a pile of wool fibre on the floor.

Found a lone rugette that needed a sleeve sewn on the back.  Not sure how I missed it Wednesday, but it is finished now. 🙂

Photographed the rugettes yesterday.  It took several hours and tries before I managed to achieve the proper lighting.  But it is done now, and they look pretty good.

Washed a couple of wool blankets given to me for rug hooking.


Today’s goal is to hook more on the last two rugettes on my backing and the coasters.  Unfortunately I will not be able to start till this afternoon.  I have the gym, laundry, and some grocery shopping to do before then.  Such is life!  I am looking forward to my first trip to Costco in over two months. 🙂


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