Dead-of-WinterYesterday I spent most of the day at the gym and grocery shopping.  My Costco run and GF (gluten-free) catering run decimated my grocery budget for the next two weeks.  Oh well.  We will be well fed.  I came home with a lot of good GF food I could eat.  After being on the go from 10:30 to 2:30, I proceeded to crash on my living room couch for an hour.

My review for the week?

  • I finished 10 rugettes, complete with hanging sleeves.
  • I cleaned my studio and found two of my favourite hooks that I just knew were down there somewhere!
  • I finished dyeing fibre and put away all my dye equipment.
  • I washed a couple woolen blankets that were gifted to me.

Today hubby and the boarder are working.  I have great hopes of getting things done.  My goals?

  • those rugettes I didn’t do yesterday,
  • the poppy coasters,
  • hang tags for the rugettes I finished this week,
  • put more rugettes on backing.

Up next week…

  • cut doweling to hang all rugettes,
  • phone photographer about editing photos for future greeting cards,
  • hook more rugettes.
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