CyclamenLast week I received an order for *80* trivets from a man in South Africa.  I politely declined, telling him I was an artist who did one-of-a-kind artwork.  It would take me all year to fill the order!  And then some!  I do not want to hook trivets for a living.

This week I connected with the SCC Boutique in Saskatoon.  The Boutique is expanding and looking for more inventory.  Today I received an order for ten more Prairie Sky rugettes.  Thankfully I have six of them ready to go.  I will hook up more this week for them and hopefully have them shipped up there soon.

That will leave me a little short on Prairie Sky rugettes for the CVAF Street Fair, so I spent today drawing more Prairie Sky rugettes on backing.  Guess what I will be hooking right down to the last minute!

Today I finish my poppy coasters and get on with the Prairie Sky series…again…

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