WIP-PS-Overlapping-Circles-5A busy day yesterday and today.  I attend a Cardiac Rehab gym program three times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Plus I had English Language Conversation Group last evening.   Today I have company, a doctor’s appointment, and a date with a friend to go see a movie.

In-between all that I want to finish the rest of the designs I have on my backing before the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair on May 24th.  I have  two more poppy coasters to hook.  That will make a total of four for sale.

My goal this week then becomes serging edges, steaming and blocking, and pressing in the edges in preparation for hemming.  And the actual hemming itself.  Labeling them.  I need to make more hanging sleeves for them.   Then photograph and tag them by next week. Add the visit from “Gail” from the tax office and it will be a busy week this week.

This weekend I will have hubby pull my display system up from the basement and I will find out if I have enough work to display for sale.

I received my package from Legacy Studio yesterday.  Oh my!  Yum yum! 🙂  Can hardly wait to start spinning.  Thanks Laura!



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