OrchidI had hubby pull my display stands up from the basement yesterday morning so I could hang a tentative display on it.  Realized I actually may have too many rugs for this display!  Means I may send the ones to the SCC Boutique in the Affinity Gallery sooner rather than later.

Display-1I spent time pressing hems and hemming yesterday after the PST lady left.

Finishing-2The PST lady was really nice.  In fact she looked at my receipts and the tax return and suggested my accountant had miscalculated PST owing and, in fact, I may have paid tax twice on things I did not need to pay tax on at all!  Apparently any raw materials I use in a piece that goes to a customer I do not pay tax on.  I need to go through my receipts, after I am all ready for the sale, and figure out what comes back to me.

Started cutting out hanging sleeves for the current batch of rugettes.

Went looking for my “Sale Box”, where I keep all things pertaining to selling my rugs, and found I had lots of extra dowels already cut for hanging.  Made my day.  🙂  One less thing for hubby to do before the sale.  Though I am sure I will have to have him cut a few odd lengths for some of my newer rugettes.


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