sleeves-and-liningsYesterday I made the hanging sleeves for the remaining rugettes and pressed the linings for the coasters.  Today’s job is to attach them to their respective hooked pieces.

We had an interesting experience last evening.  About a month ago a firm called to do a survey on air quality in the home.  It was a very brief phone call I took.  Yesterday they phoned to say we had won a prize and could they send a “representative” to give it to us.    Ahuh…well, I was in the middle of making myself a GF, DF, sugar free pizza, and the pizza delivery man came to the door with the pizza for hubby and the boarder, and well, I said “yes” to this woman and, foolish me, gave her my address.  Then she told me the “representative” was going to talk to us about their air purification system.  Ahuh…

A bright young man who sounded like he’d had one too many hits of caffeine arrived on our doorstep at 6:30 PM sharp… and proceeded to warm our couch till 8:15 PM.  I offered him coffee, thinking “this outta be fun!”  He had to work around my sale display and I took the opportunity to tell him about the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.  May as well fit in some advertising of my own! 🙂

To make a long story short, apparently he was selling not only an air filtration system, but also, guess what?  A vacuum cleaner!  Aw come on, you had to see it coming. lol  Of course all this could be had for about $3500 CAD…on sale.  It’s over $5000 CAD if you don’t buy on the first “preview” visit.

We had a great time just sitting on the living room furniture listening to him talk solid for an hour.  Hubby and I do not ever buy anything without doing our research ahead of time, and I kinda had on this.  I really like and want a Humidex system in the house.  I mentioned the Humidex to our good looking young salesman, but he had not heard of it.  It is about the same price as this system, but I suspect much better.  This system was not really turned on high enough long enough for me to see if it was much use.  It seemed quite noisy at the higher speeds.  I know people who have the Humidex, and it is great!

Anyway, the final straw came when he got me in the kitchen while he cleaned out the vacuum and basically called my hubby a liar for saying truthfully that we never buy anything without researching first.  It was a tense last few minutes, but he was ushered out of the house far more graciously than he deserved!  Hubby had to reiterate his stance three times before the kid finally left.

Our South Korean boarder sat patiently the whole way through this young man’s presentation partly in awe.  I asked her at one point if she could follow his English, he was talking so fast.  Surprisingly she said she could.  I think even she was surprised!  It was a good experience for her, and a reminder for me not to do phone surveys.

We rounded out the evening by watching the movie “Captain Phillips” .


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