Spent Saturday traveling town shopping and on errands, and sewing the sleeves on some of the rugettes.  Picked up more curtain hooks to hang my work from the display stand.  Hubby cut the doweling needed for the odd sized rugettes.

Spent Sunday at church and cleaning up the yard.  I managed to fill the hanging flower baskets and the front door planter.  I still have a few begonias and ten strawberry plants without a home.  But I also have several empty pots on my back patio, so I think I know what to do with them!

Today is the start of the week long Cathedral Village Arts Festival and I have company most of the day.  I will probably not accomplish much.  It is a rainy, miserable day out there, but I hear the parade will still go on.

Later…  I did accomplish more than I thought I would. 🙂  I actually finished sewing the sleeves on the rugettes, labeled the rugettes, and managed to print off price tags and put them all together.  They are ready to attach to the rugettes, as soon as I take decent photos of them.  Unfortunately that will not be until the rain stops.  I find the best light is outside in the shade or on an overcast day.  As I eventually want a real photographer to edit the raw images, I would like to take the best photos possible.

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