Poppy-CoastersI finished lining most of the coasters yesterday.  One more to go.  Picked up my sale float too, and started pulling together the equipment for the display.

Today’s goals?

  • Finish that last coaster,
  • Sew hanging sleeves to replace the museum hanging system on my smaller rugs,
  • And then sew them on the rugs.
  • Take a final photo of my display setup and print it to take with me to the sale.
  • Pack everything up to go to the sale.

Friday I will be at the gym and then helping some church kids pay their way to a conference by having them give me a cheap manicure and pedicure.  Then there will be a mad rush in the afternoon to pull everything together so I can pack the car in the evening.

Hmm…well, that’s the plan.  What actually happens is another matter altogether! lol

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