I did well on my ‘to do’ list yesterday…

  • Finish that last coaster,
  • Sew hanging sleeves to replace the museum hanging system on my smaller rugs,
  • And then sew them on the rugs.
  • Take a final photo of my display setup and print it to take with me to the sale.
  • Pack everything up to go to the sale.

PLUS, on top of all that I managed to decide what I was going to demonstrate on and cut some wool to hook with.  I am now all ready for the Street Fair on Saturday…I think.

packed-and-ready-to-goI was able to go out to the Festival last night and enjoy an art reception, some local food, some country music, and – a new one for me – thrash metal.  We left the last one.  For some reason the friend I went with could not stop laughing.

The art reception at Traditions was the hit of the evening.  We wandered in to see a quilt of the neighborhood businesses past and present.  While we were looking at it I noticed the owner of the shop, who sells my work, had placed my work in the front of the shop!  I was so pleased to be featured like that.  It was a pleasant surprise.  We chatted up some people, had a drink and some food, and left.  But not before being offered a silk kimono covered button!  So pretty.

Today’s ‘to do’ list is quite different.  I am going to be at the gym for a while.  Then off to have a manicure and pedicure done by one of the young ladies at church.  I will be relaxing the rest of the afternoon I think.  Might try packing the car early for the street fair.  The evening will be busy attending the festival with my friend again.

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