blog-contest-fibreGayle Burton!  Send me your snail mail address at Gayle.  I will have the Poppy kit out to you as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy hooking it! 🙂

In other news…I was at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair on the weekend. It was a nice sunny day with a few rain showers. Just enough to create a bit of a breeze to cool things off. A great day.

I did not sell many rugettes, which was disappointing. However I did sign up several women for classes. And I had several interesting visitors. One lady described herself as a “fiber expert”. Hmm… She was very impressed with what I was doing. But did not buy anything. Another lady was a happy patron from one of the galleries selling my work. She was quite happy with what she had bought and was considering buying a triptych, but did not. Yet another stopped in and said my booth was the closest thing to “art” she had seen in the whole street fair!

The last is kind of worrisome, as it may mean I am marketing myself in the wrong venue. I will give it one more year in front of the gallery where I sell, and then, if my work does not sell there, I will stick strictly to selling in galleries and focus on art exhibits.  Meaning my prices may go higher yet and my work will probably increase in size.  It might free me up to create along my own themes more too.

CVAFAnd in other news, check out my new additions to my Gallery page.  There is new work for sale!

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