I could not find all the fiber needed to spin the canola art yarn.  Plus I found my spinning wheel bobbins filled and partially filled with a nice beige silk/alpaca.  blog-silk-alpaca

Great for knitting, but not so great for rug hooking.  So I decided to work on it to finish it yesterday.  I did not quite finish, but I came close.  It will definitely be done this week.  And I will be ready to go with the canola art yarn, because after I came home I remembered where I put the rest of the fiber for it! 🙂

Pulled a few loops on Mud Fight…a very few.

Had my six week evaluation at the gym.  No change.  I was disappointed.  I was hoping for a bit of weight loss or strength gain.  However, on the up side, I have not been packing on weight like I was before.  And I do feel a lot stronger.  The staff and I adjusted my exercises for a harder workout for me.  I am a bit relieved…a lot actually.  Maybe I will see better results next time.



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