blog-WIP-silk-alpacaWell you know what they say…the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!  I was stymied on my spinning by not being able to find all the fibre for my art yarn, and by finding a lovely silk/alpaca on my wheel.  As mentioned yesterday, I am spinning it till it is finished.  That means nothing else much was done this week.  The silk/alpaca spins fine, taking a long time to fill a bobbin.  I am finishing plying it today and processing it.

  • I have worked a bit on Mud Fight.
  • I was able to mail my first hooking kit to the contest winner.
  • I have embarked on uploading one rugette a day on Etsy.

blog-WIP-MFI also managed a lot of volunteer work.  I volunteer tutored ESL at the church Monday evening.  I helped with our church’s Strawberry Social Tuesday evening.  I was at a prayer meeting at church Wednesday evening.  I was at Crafting Wednesday afternoon spinning…and demonstrating it to some of our ESL students who also attend.

I have also been busy visiting with people, making trips to doctor and going to the gym three times.  Seems May and June are a busy time of year for me socially.  Everyone goes away in July and August.  I am waiting for things to slow down then.

What does the weekend hold?

  • I am bypassing the Saskatchewan Craft Council annual meeting in Saskatoon this evening.  I thought about going, but I just am too tired  to drive up there and be of much good.
  • Saturday I will be attending a special tea for a lady who is turning 90 next week.
  • Sunday is church and a potluck afterwards.

Monday and Tuesday will be time spent in our much neglected yard.  We are late getting our plants in, but so be it.  It is going to happen this coming week!  It has been pretty cold this spring, so hopefully the late start will be beneficial.


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