WIP-LS-1No spinning or hooking yesterday…oh wait!  I did pull a few loops on Lost Soul.  It is my next project to finish.  Just three quarters of the border to go!

Other than that, yesterday saw me at the gym and home, napping, and planting seeds in pots.  A little late, but late is better than never.  I still have not planted all the pots.  I did as much as my back would allow.

Spent the evening tutoring English to a schoolgirl from South Korea.  She is fun and does pretty good.

A friend at our church ESL group made me a Korean dish I could eat – Japchae without sugar.  Yum!  I had to try some when I came back home.  So good!  I am hiding it from our South Korean boarder, or else I might not get anymore! 🙂

Today will be a bit different too.  Hubby and I will be working more on the house and yard.  We have a contractor coming to look at our kitchen this week.  Yes, we are embarking on a kitchen remodel.  I am contemplating ways to make the dining room workable for an eat in kitchen and a dye kitchen.

I also need to do a bit of clothes shopping.  That is always an experience for me due to my size and shape.  Wish me luck!

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