Today I actually have a free day!  I plan to spend it on Lost Soul and menu planning for the next week.   Maybe preparing fibre for spinning.

Also reading Free at 45 by Timothy Stobbs.  We are way past 45, but I can still garner ideas for retirement from the book.  Our latest attack is on our grocery budget, as you can guess from the menu planning.  I would ideally like to drop it by one-quarter…at least.  Preferably half.  But I think the latter is not possible with a boarder.  We shall see.

To that end, I took about an hour or two of my time last evening and went through the house listing all the food in it.  It’s amazing how many nooks and crannies have food stored in them here!  I am embarking on a plan to use up what is in the house before buying more.

In other news…I have been spammed on Etsy.  Some guy using different emails all saying the same thing.  I replied to one of the emails saying “no thanks”.  And marked everything else as spam. Probably should not have replied, but we shall see.

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