blog-straw-rhub-jamMy free day Saturday turned into something quite different than I had planned.  My freezer seriously needs defrosting.  And there is food in there that has been there a long time. So I embarked on a canning day instead.  That necessitated a trip to the grocery store, where I found great deals!

I ended up making Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Strawberry Raspberry Jam, and Crabapple Sauce.  I strained the juice for Red Currant Grape Jelly, but did not have enough juice to finish the job.  Put it back in the freezer until grapes go on sale or a friend gives me more red currants.

I did finish reading Free at 45 by Timothy Stobbs.  I did some fancy calculations he leads you through in the book, and then showed them to hubby in the evening.  We were both too tired to really pay attention though.  I double checked, and corrected, them on Sunday.

I ended up showing the boarder how to make her own yogurt Saturday evening.  It turned out great!  She is happy.  So am I.  It’s much cheaper than storebought yogurt.

I found some old kale in the freezer, cooked it up, and put it in some mini crustless quiches for snacks or lunches.  Still contemplating all the tomatoes and grated zucchini in the freezer.

As for rug hooking on the weekend?…nada…nothing.  I managed to lock myself out of my car at church yesterday and spent a frustrating hour or so getting a ride home for the extra set of keys and then back to the church, and then home again. I was tired and rested for 2 hours…okay, I fell asleep.

Today is going to be busy again.  I have gym in the morning, a noon hour dental appointment that will stretch into the afternoon, and company arriving for supper and the night.  However…in the interests of eventually achieving something this week, here is my goals list. 🙂

  • border on Lost Soul,
  • list a rug on Etsy every day this week,
  • check Goldfish to see if I have all the colours I need to hook it


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