WIP-Lost-SoulA very little done on Lost Soul.  Mostly spent time enjoying my niece.  Took her to Moose Jaw to the Tunnels, Yvette Moore’s Gallery, and the Western Development Museum.  Also went on a short trip east of town to Fort Qu’Appelle and Echo Lake Provincial Park.  We had a great time playing games together in the evenings, and ate a lot of good food.

Now it is back to work!  Well, kind of.  My schedule is looking interesting this week.  A friend is having surgery, so I will be spending some time with her.  Also, the gym of course.  And there’s a Ladies Fellowship outing coming up.  And English Language Conversation Group.  And Crafting.

My niece, while she was here, bless her soul, showed me how to set alarms up on my iPad.  She also organized my iPad for me.  It seems so easy for the younger generation.  Takes me a while to figure technology out.  Now I have alarms set in for everything, hubby is going to wonder what all the racket is in the house! lol



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