Seems I have been out and about a lot lately.  When we were on our travels this past weekend we came across this cute sight.  Three toddlers lined up carefully at the edge of the dock by their mom who had them well-trained!  She was going to help pull the boat into the dock.  It was so cute and funny.  She had them trained like a person would a dog.  She told them to “Stay”, and kept repeating it all the way down the dock.  The little one in the back finally yelled back “I can’t stay!”  But came no closer than the closest child all the same.  Finally they were all safely loaded in the boat and were on their way.

Things are happening this week in my studio.  I will be hooking more on Lost Soul and spinning more canola field yarn.

Yesterday was a bit of a recovery day for me.  I was to the gym, to visit someone with a friend, and napped for 2 hours!  Then off to tutor non-native English speakers in the evening.

I did receive a wonderful package of spinning fiber from Paradise Fibers yesterday. I ordered some Corrie Cross, some Merino, and some Egyptian Red Bamboo.  A shout-out to the wonderful people there.  I love their fiber.

Today I am off for an outing at some point, but I really hope to do some hooking and prepare for some spinning tomorrow afternoon.


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