spinachThe break in the weather is over.  It has been raining all day today.  I did get out yesterday and pick a little bit of spinach.  We only have a container garden on the patio, and the squirrels and birds dig up most of the seed as fast as we plant it!  So even though I picked all the spinach, there’s just enough for one spinach and goat cheese pizza tonight.  That’s okay.  Next break in the rain I will go out and plant more seeds. 🙂

So far today I have been cutting more strips for the border of Lost Soul.  I am beginning to worry about running out of colours for the border.  I may need to do a dye job.

I broke down the other day and ordered Pro-Chem dyes.  Majic Carpet dyes are hard to buy these days.  I have been meaning to try Pro-Chem for a long time.  I just bought the starter warm and cool kits, and lime green.  They have been shipped.  I can hardly wait!


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