Lime-Green-dye-jobOver the weekend I overdyed the lime green roving.  It now is divided up neatly and looks fine for my purposes.  I also dyed this lovely Brilliant Blue by Pro-Chem.

Brilliant-Blue-Dye-JobToday’s agenda?  Hubby is home from work and wants to work on the kitchen floor, meaning the end of dyeing for me as we know it.  I am contemplating going to the gym, but not sure.  The City does not want anyone traveling the roads if they do not have to.  We have had so much rain the water sewer system is at 100% capacity.  We have flooded underpasses and intersections, including some that I am really wondering why they would be flooded.  It currently has stopped raining, but it looks like the wind is coming now.  Might be a good day to stay home and hook! 🙂

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