WIP-canola-yarn-2I have had an interesting last 24 hours.  My days are a pretty mixed bag, especially when we have so much going on.  Yesterday morning we had a couple young folks in measuring up our kitchen for the final measure before ordering cabinets.  Today we went in and put down a hefty deposit on said cabinets.

I also made it to the Cardiac Rehab program yesterday morning.  I am on a 30 Day Heart Challenge at the moment.  So far it seems rather easy…mostly things I do anyway.  I like the challenge though, and working as a group to accomplish goals.

WIP-Canola-art-yarn-1The afternoon I was to Crafting and spun these lovelies…more canola field yarn.  Once I am done these skeins I will stop for a while.  I have some natural wool roving I would like to spin as well.

And in the evening I had a spa night with some ladies from my church.  Great fun!  Thanks ladies! 🙂manicure pedicure

Today’s job?  The never-ending border on Lost Soul.  And to catch up on my sleep!WIP-Lost-Soul-border

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