WIP-Lost-Soul-border WIP-bw-LSEvery now and then I need to take a step back and really look at what is happening in my rugs.  I do this by taking it off the frame and putting it on the floor or having someone hold it a distance away from me.  Things you do not notice close up become glaring areas that need changing when you view from a distance.

I also turn the rug into a black and white photo in my Photoshop program and double-check the values.  I think I wrote about this before in one of my blog posts.

With the border of Lost Soul approaching half finished I felt it was time to take it off the frame and get a good look at the entire rug.  It is quite heavy and will need strapping to keep it from sagging I fear.  But aside from the structural issues, I think the border will work out fine.

Today’s goal is to hook more on the border.  Though I have some gym time to put in and some running around town to do for my upcoming vacation.


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