I read over five books (scan read some of them) on vacation, and am into Art and Soul by Hilary Brand and Adrienne Chaplin. I finished three retirement books.  At this point they are more of a scan.  Not much new in them. I think I have read about 15 retirement books, or scan read them, the last month.  Our boarder cannot believe how fast I have been going through them!

One, though, was a big thick book called Financial Pursuit and aimed at people of all ages and stages in life.  Hubby and I are thinking there might be information in that of use to our children in their 20’s/30’s right now.  We are going to look for a newer edition.

I also read a biography titled The Hermit of Gully Lake, about a man who lived in the woods around Gully Lake in Northern Nova Scotia.  Basically nothing much is known of the man.  A lot is conjecture and hearsay.  The author relies a lot on second and third hand knowledge.  Truth be told, there was not a lot of documentation for her to use.

As for Art and Soul, I am just at the beginning of it.  I read about Modernism and Post-Modernism so far.  I have been side tracked by an e-book called Making Your Life As An Artist.  A blunt and to the point book of what is important and what is not in pursuit of being a successful artist.

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