Finished spinning my second bobbin of canola field art yarn yesterday.  Processed the both skeins and they are now drying.

It has been a bit of a challenge this week.  I am adjusting to being back from vacation and catching up with what I have missed with people.  I started tutoring again.  But just for the summer.  It ends the end of August and I will no longer take ESL students after that.  In fact, I am not taking on any other students but this one, whom I have felt badly about since he first started coming to our church.

Instead I will focus on my rug hooking exclusively.  While away on my vacation I had the opportunity to talk to Laureen Marchand of Grasslands Gallery about her mentoring program.  I did not know if she would take on someone from the ‘craft’ field who is selling better in galleries than at craft shows.  Turns out she is interested, so I am seriously contemplating that.  However I am also a bit nervous about starting right before a major kitchen renovation and when my health is still not sorted out.  I will wait till August to make a decision.

In the meantime, it is time to get hooking!

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