Sorry for the late post today folks.  No photos.  I have been running this morning.  A potential customer contacted me via email and I have been busy figuring out the cheapest way to ship something to her.  Canada Post upped it’s shipping rates to unreal highs!

I also made a run to the Farmer’s Market.  Ostensibly just for Swiss Chard.  But, as per usual, came back with a few extra bags of fresh fruit, fresh bread, flax seed, wild rice, cherry juice, and a treat for hubby.  🙂

Stopped by the butcher’s on the way home for meat and poultry.  Was very surprised by the cost of things.  Chicken is expensive here, especially the anti-biotic, hormone free variety.

As for hooking and spinning.  I am afraid they are on the back burner today and tomorrow.  I seriously need to get some weeding done in the yard.

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