Today is dye day and I am dyeing blues!  I seriously need some light and mid tone blues for my large Prairie Sky wall hanging.  I have the first of 4 batches on the stove.  We will see how many I actually finish today.  I have two or three pots I could get going at the same time here.  It is just a question of how many burners I want on at the same time on the stove.

I did hook more on the border of Lost Soul yesterday.  But in the interests of not boring my blog audience I am NOT going to post another photo of that border until it is three-quarters done. 

Today is a nice sunny day.  I might find my way outside for a bit to sketch.  We will see how the dyeing goes.  It is first priority.  I can always sketch inside too.

I am going to press the hanging sleeves and try and attach them to Mud Fight and Ice Caker today too.

That should be enough to keep me busy!



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