Finished hooking the canola field in bloom on my Prairie Sky wall hanging.

Also finished sewing the hanging sleeves on Mud Fight and Ice Caker.  Typed the label up for Mud Fight.  Now all I need to do is print it off and attach it to the wall hanging somehow.  With my other wall hangings in the poetry series I lined them after attaching the label to the lining first.  But some people have commented that hooked rugs should not be lined, even if it is with a 100% cotton fabric.  So I am trying to figure out how to do this so it looks nice on the back of the rug.  It will have to be hand sewn to the wall hanging.

Dyed two lovely batches of light blues yesterday.  Maybe too much the same colour.  I will have to wait till it dries and take a look again.

I have listed my blank greeting cards on ETSY folks.  So if anyone is interested they are there.  The shipping will be adjusted for people purchasing multiples.  ETSY really has no way to let you fine tune like that.  So if you want to order more than one, rather than order directly through ETSY, contact me via email at jo6865@gmail.com and I will do a private sale that adjusts for the appropriate shipping amount.


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