I was up late yesterday morning…just in time to swallow down breakfast and put the dye pot on before my ESL student arrived for tutoring.  While he was here the boarder came up for breakfast.  She had a day off from work. While she was sitting at the table the man from the flooring company came to measure our hardwood floors and assess them for refinishing.  It was an interesting half hour or so. 🙂

Basically our kitchen and entry floors cannot be saved.  We probably should not lay tile because we would need a plywood subfloor, which would raise everything to high above the surrounding hardwood, resulting in a situation where people could trip. Means linoleum.

My ESL student did not do well yesterday.  He is learning to write paragraphs and essays. We will see what he accomplishes over the weekend.

My dye job came out lighter than I thought it would, but it’s nice.  I may keep it.  I will compare it to my other dye jobs and see if it is too similar or if I have too much light blue before proceeding.

I cleaned in the afternoon.  Also made a couple GF Rhubarb Custard Pies for company that arrived last evening before supper.  And I ended up talking on the phone with a cousin in Australia whom I have not heard from for ages!  We are “friends” on Facebook, but I have not seen her since I was thirteen!!!  It sure was nice to hear from her again.  We chatted for over an hour!

Left me scrambling for supper for company.  I ended up ordering a pizza meal for four and baking my own GF pizza.  Had to walk to the store for some ingredients in a nice summer shower.

Company arrived and we visited.  They wanted to see my work.  It took a while to show them what I was doing.  They were very supportive and excited.  We went for a walk after eating.  We were all feeling very bloated.  I think it will be a green smoothie breakfast for me today! 



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