Means not much hooking getting done!  I did manage a few loops on Lost Soul, but that’s it.

Instead we have been shopping for flooring, going to the gym, tutoring, and trying to sort out a plumbing emergency in the boarder’s bathroom.  It resulted in shopping for a new vanity and tap set, which were sorely needed.  It also resulted in me scrubbing walls that had mold on them with bleach water.  And determining there are two fewer light bulbs in the bathroom vanity than there should be.  Sigh.

And then we discovered the Shop Vac wasn’t working…due to a ripped bag.  Which meant a major cleanup there.  And we discovered the boarder is not using the vacuum we allotted for her, but the Shop Vac instead.  Must get the other vacuum out of her room and find out what’s wrong with it.  Seems things were just piling up in her area of the house and hubby wasn’t exactly listening to her when she mentioned the problems.  She finally came to me and good thing!  There is a steady stream of water “dripping” from the taps…like the tap is half on…not a drip, a stream!  Calling the plumber today.

Other things on today’s agenda?  Well, hubby is still off work.  I have a student to tutor this morning.  We have to connect with the contractor about flooring.  He’s suggested linoleum a couple of times, but we have a few questions we’d like to ask.  We have to go shopping for those vanity light bulbs and some Shop Vac bags.

If I have time after all that I plan to pull a few more loops on Lost Soul.

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