This week was actually quite productive.  I did manage to hook a fair bit on Lost Soul.  I can smell the end of this wall hanging!  Contemplating the finishing.  I have never hooked on rug warp before, let alone in a #6 cut.  I am a bit nervous the weight of the wool will pull it out of shape.  I think I will reinforce it with cotton twill tape strapping on the back, before binding the edge.

I also managed to hook a bit on the large Prairie Sky wall hanging.  I am having fun with it.  I may need to dye some mid-tone blues for the sky, but we shall see.

I also put some more small Prairie Sky rugettes on backing to hook for sale.  I notice going through my rugs that all my Winter and Spring series are either in shops or sold, but one each (both up on ETSY if you’re interested).  So it looks like I will be hooking more of those!  Thank-you for your support everyone! 🙂

I also need to start hooking the first of the Autumn series of rugettes to go with Winter, Spring, and Summer. Speaking of Summer, I sold both of those rugettes also.  I will need to hook more of those as well.

And then there is Goldfish.  Hmmm…lots of hooking to do yet before Christmas. 🙂  Also need to hook some ornaments.  Trying to think of something different to do there.

I printed off the label for Mud Fight and Goldfish.  I am not happy with how they look.  The type seems like it ran a bit.  I will iron them and see if I like them any better.

I also took photos of the remaining rugs that need to posted on ETSY.  Posted two wall hangings this week.  I think I will slow down on this, or I will be finding myself posting Christmas rugettes in summer!

The one thing I did not do this week was settle down to do some sketching.  I think I work better with sketching ideas given to me.  I’m going back into my online classes to see what ideas are there I can use.

One of the things I do when I hook is listen to podcasts.  Aside from the Canadian classic the Vinyl Cafe, I discovered a new podcast lately called Creative Insurgents.  I am really enjoying it.

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