Hope-1Spent some time on the back patio spinning yesterday.  I was dog sitting for a friend…well, puppy sitting.  I am actually allergic to dogs and cats, so I kept this little guy out in the yard until night time, when he went to live in a friend’s kennel in the kitchen.  He did not want to come in the house! lol  He gave me a good excuse to enjoy my back patio and do some spinning.

Romney-Orange-AngelinaCheck out this decadent rich intense orange I plan to use for Goldfish!  It is wool fiber I picked up at Golden Willow about a week ago.  I may use some of it in my autumn rugs too.  We will see.  I spun some gold Angelina in with it.  While that will look great on the goldfish, I’m not convinced it will look good in my autumn rugettes.

Merino-orange-fiberI also started spinning some variegated darker gold/orange/brown Merino for Goldfish and for the autumn rugettes.  I am looking forward to getting onto those soon!

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