I finished processing the bright orange yarn and it is dry.  Yesterday I spun the variegated orange/gold/brown yarn and it is dry too.  Yum!

I managed some hooking on the border of Lost Soul and some sketching as well.

I also updated my website.  I have taken the galleries down from here on my blog and on the website.  I am directing everyone to my Etsy shop.  Keeping up all those galleries was too much work and they were always out of date as a result.  I may do more with my website in the future.  For now it directs people to different parts of the web where I am active. 

I also edited my web page to be consistent with my Etsy shop and the rest of my online presence.  It is easy to become too spread out on the web and lose track of what is written where.  Hopefully I have clarified things for my readers.

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