raspberry-jamHooked every day this week.  I am slowly getting back to where I was before my sojourn in the hospital. 

  • I hooked on Prairie Sky and Lost Soul
  • Finished spinning the two orange wools I bought. 
  • I managed to pick up the sunroom studio a bit.  I have plans for the rest of it.
  • I did some sketching.  Not much, but some.
  • I read some of the ATHA’s Rugger’s Companion.

Other happenings?  I fit in two ESL tutoring sessions for my student.  I gave him an easy weekend this weekend.  Not much homework.  I am teaching him how to build words in English to increase his vocabulary.  He is doing okay.  It just takes him a while to feel confident enough to speak up.

I was to the gym twice, and had a medical appointment.  Also had a friend over one afternoon.

I canned some raspberry jam.  A friend brought me two gallons of raspberries the other night, I canned some of them before bed, put some of them in the fridge to eat, and froze the rest.

Taking it easy this weekend as hubby is off work.  Will be running errands today and shopping for flooring for the kitchen. 

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