WIP-Lost-Soul-F I finished hooking Lost Soul!!!  About time!  That rug has been on backing for about ten years now.  I started hooking it about two or three years ago.  It takes me a long time to internalize my ideas and let them germinate into finished products.  I am very happy to be finished hooking this rug.  🙂

Lost Soul

31″ x 35″

Wool and silk on cotton rug warp

Some hand dyed, hand spun yarns, some commercial yarns. 

Some new and some upcycled wool and silk fabric.  Some hand dyed and some commercially dyed.

Why this rug?

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

For better or worse.

Education methodology affects how a student perceives learning.

Drill and kill does not create a love for learning. It kills the desire to learn.  Learning in context is best.  Once love of learning is lost, it affects all areas of a student’s life.

Prompted by my experiences with my children in the school system in the early 1990s.

Too many children “falling between the cracks”. Too many children like the girl in this rug.

The dark clouds and barren trees represent how empty the child feels inside. They also represent the perceived environment of the child. Negative experiences in school, like all negative experiences, are carried with people throughout their lives. A bad start to learning is hard to overcome. It negatively affects the child and how the child perceives the world around them.

The jug represents the body of facts we are pouring into our children’s brains. Facts are not enough anymore. We need to learn context as well, and how to analyze facts.

The jail bars represent the lack of choice for most children. They must go to school. When hope/true learning dies, school feels like jail.

A lot of children turned off of learning via the drill and kill method feel as if school is a jail, sucking the life blood out of them… hence the blood dripping from the word “SCHOOL” and in a stream down the rug.

The girl is a sickly green colour because Drill and Kill is making her sick and killing her and her love of learning.

The stack of books represent the most fact based studies in school, better taught through context. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” refers to the girl who has nothing better to look forward to than more “Drill and Kill”.

The hearts with arrows piercing them represent the loss of hope in the girl…shot by the arrow of misguided education methodology.

Point of this piece of artwork is to start a conversation amongst educators and people at large about education.

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