Having fun with my dye pot. 

I realized that come the September long weekend I will have to have all my fibre for the Fall and Christmas season dyed.  That is when the contractor comes to tear out our old kitchen and there will be no more water on the main floor of the house until the renovation is complete. 

This is a bit more than your usual kitchen renovation.  We have to go down to the studs and do some rewiring, insulating, and plumbing.  We also have to lift a floor and put down a new subfloor.  We are expecting it to take a month.  At least that’s what the contractor assures us.  I hope not longer, as I will have to hook my Christmas line during that time.

In other exciting news, I put in a couple of big orders for supplies and materials this week.  I am looking forward to my mail these days! 🙂

Contemplated my large Prairie Sky rug and think I will be ripping out a fair number of the clouds and re-hooking them.  They just do not look right.  At least I have a plan for them.  I just needed to think more like an artist on this one.

Update:  Guess what?!  Canada Post came through.  My rug hooks arrived within 24 hours of being mailed!  Yippee!  I’m off to the gym tomorrow. 🙂

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