I have had a busy week.  I managed to finish Lost Soul and block it.  Even received feedback from a few friends.  So far the feedback is mostly positive.  One person asked where I planned to exhibit it. I had to admit I had not thought about that yet.  I am a bit nervous to exhibit it because it seems to elicit strong feelings from people.  It was intended to hang with the poetry series I am doing, as they both actually have their genesis in our early homeschooling days.  But we shall see.

I also hooked, reverse hooked, and then hooked again, parts of the sky on Prairie Sky.  It looks a bit better, but I am still not happy with it.  I will forge ahead and see what I can do.  Truth be told, cloudscapes on a large scale are more difficult than I thought they would be.  I have done plenty on a small scale, but for some reason this large one is eluding me.  I am sure I will be doing considerable “tweaking” before I am finished.

I received an email requesting a class this weekend.  I dyed fabric and prepared kits for the two women who will be coming today for a brief introductory class. This resulted in ordering supplies as well.  Unfortunately only the hooks made it this week.  The rest will not arrive till next week.  I had not planned on teaching till Fall.

I connected with the two galleries that sell my work and asked them about future inventory needs.  Good thing I did!  They were very enthused about acquiring more work and sent me orders/lists of items they would like to see.

One gallery really wants some Christmas cards of my work.  To that end I contacted a photographer to edit some of my photos for cards.  I can do the editing, but am a bit nervous of the quality when it comes to doing cards.  Said gallery was almost out of my regular cards, so I walked up to deliver some more.

I was on another walk today and stopped into the local yarn shop.  Met a new rug hooker and her sister.  The new rug hooker is looking for some supplies.  I happen to have some to sell.  We’ve made arrangements.  Before I left she and her sister were talking about lessons, even though she really doesn’t need them again.

I am in need of a new cutter.  To that end I chatted with hubby about the cost and where to take it from.  My current cutter is okay most of the time.  But if the humidity is high it tends to cut a little funny.  At least I’m blaming it on the humidity.  Sometimes it will cut me three perfect strips of fabric, and other times it will not cut the first strip the whole way through the fabric.  Drives me crazy!  And it slows down production.  But a new cutter is going to be over $800 for what I want.  So I will wait.

Tonight I started hooking more small Prairie Sky rugettes.  One of the galleries has put in a request for twelve more.  They sell well for me there.  I am also planning ahead to hook 18 Christmas ornaments, at least, for the galleries.

I did manage some sketching and reading as well.  Finally into the International Artist magazines.

I posted two more small rugs – poppy coasters actually – on Etsy.

I tried reprinting the label for Mud Fight and a few other rugs, and the ink still ran.  I think I need to try new plastic backed fabric.  This paper is a couple years old.

So that’s my week in review folks!  Hope everyone has a fun weekend.  I plan to. 🙂


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