Hubby is off work and home today.  I am hoping to fit in the gym, a tutoring session, and some hooking on the small Prairie Sky wall hangings.

I also have to think seriously about dyeing more fibre in preparation for the Christmas line…before the kitchen is ripped out and we have no water on the main floor.

When I was dyeing my yellows last week I found one of my favourite big enamel dye pots had sprung a leak.  I am a bit sad, as those pots can be quite expensive these days.  But honestly, it has lasted me almost 20 years, so I cannot complain!  I will be looking for a replacement.

I have some phoning to do for a student for supplies, and I have possibly an appointment with a printer.  I have been using MOO.com, which is great!  But they are out of country.  I would feel a lot more comfortable using someone nearby.  We will see if the people I contacted will price match and give me the same quality cards and business cards.

Other than that, reading and sketching are in my plans.  Hope everyone else has a wonderful Monday! 🙂

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