WIP-PS-OC-7-2Finished the first rugette for one fall order.  Onto the next. 🙂

Dropped my business card and a greeting card at a local print shop yesterday.  It does not sound hopeful that they can beat the price I get from MOO.  Even with exchange and shipping.  But I will not know until later today or Wednesday.  The person who sets the price will be in today I hope. They did tell me they could give me the same quality, no problem.  So that part is good.

Enjoyed the gym yesterday.  My ESL student got the time of his lesson mixed up and came about 15 minutes before I had to leave for the gym.  I took a quick look at his essay outline, corrected a bit of usage, told him how I wanted the essay structured, and sent him off home to work on it.  I will see him again Friday.

I have Lost Soul all steam pressed and ready to hem.  I plan to start that today.

I managed to fit in some sketching and reading last evening.  Finally onto Wild Fibers magazines.

Still thinking about more dyeing.  We will see what the weather is like.  If it is hot, I will pass on it.  If it is overcast and cool then I will pull out the pot and dyes and see what damage I can do. 🙂


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