Another Prairie Sky – Overlapping Circles 8.  Onto a paisley sky now. 🙂

Uploaded two more wall hangings on Etsy yesterday.

Finished hemming Lost Soul.  Labeled it.  It just needs a hanging system attached now.

Found out the photographer I was going to have edit my photos does not retouch other people’s work.  Hmm…change of game plan here.  I started retouching myself.  It is tedious, but they are turning out okay so far.  I have finished four of ten.

Spent time yesterday afternoon updating the books for my business.  It does not look too bad.  But I am still learning.  My beginner classes have just gone up to $50 for 2 hours of instruction.

Received a cheque from one of the shops for the wall hangings they sold the last month.  That always makes for a happy time. 🙂

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