Dyeing fabric that is folks!  I spent Saturday over the dye pot.  I dyed some blue/purple, some red/purple, some red, some yellow, and some blue…all colors I will need for upcoming Christmas season wall hangings and ornaments.

Now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of more wool to dye some light grays for the winter skies I hook.

Finished hooking an altocumulus prairie sky wall hanging.

I am contemplating these Christmas cards. Seems my photos are not in the right colour mode for printing, and I have no idea how to get them there. I may end up having to go to a professional photographer for photos after all. Too bad as some of the photos are of work I already sold. No way to get new photos of those!

I have put a new wool cutter on my wish list for my birthday and Christmas this year. Probably will end up buying it myself, but just maybe my family will take sympathy on me. It will cost $600 plus shipping.

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