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Here’s the dye job from the weekend. 🙂

I am struggling with getting Photoshop 12 to work for me.  I am downloading an updated operating system for my poor old Macbook Pro.  Apparently Photoshop 12 does not work on my old system.  We shall see.  All this is an effort to transfer my Christmas card photos from RGB mode to CYMK mode.  Now if you are a printer or camera buff, you will know what I am up to.  Basically, to achieve the right colours on the cards, my photos need to be in CYMK mode.

I also started another small prairie sky rug.  This time one with a circle sky.

And, on the renovation front…we are a week away from having the kitchen torn out.  Today the cabinets arrive at the house.  And today I start mega cooking seriously for meals for the next 1 1/2 months.  We actually started the process yesterday by spending four hours shopping for groceries and containers to put the finished meals in.  And we made hamburger patties and meatballs, cut up a pork loin into chops and a roast.  That’s a start.

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