Not much happening today in rug hooking.  I am still struggling with Photoshop Elements 12 and its installation.  I can find no place on the Adobe site to connect with a real person in real time.  So frustrating.  I am ready to just return the product and ask for a refund.  As a last resort I have posted a query on their forums. Hopefully someone will see it and help.  They have 24 hours and then I am going to have to make an executive decision on whether I want to keep a substandard product, or return it and use the money saved for a professional photographer to take photos of what work I currently have.  If you sense a bit of frustration and suppressed anger, you would be correct.

Other than that, I am at the gym today and doing more mega-cooking.  That’s my day.  I am about halfway done the mega-cooking.



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