I ended up contacting MOO.com and chatting with a real person who was very helpful.  She helped me nail down the problem with my greeting cards.  It was on my end.  I figured it out and uploaded them again.  They look great on the computer screen.  MOO changes them from RGB to CYMK color mode.  So I’ll leave that with them.  So…Christmas cards and business cards are DONE!

Red-houndstoothI had a moment of joy Tuesday.  A package came in the mail for me…from Laura over at Legacy Studios in Cochrane, AB.  It consisted of a couple of beginner non-slip hoops, three beginner hooks, two pairs of bent handled scissors, and…joy of joys (!), a gorgeous piece of hand dyed houndstooth cloth…just right for my poppies.  Thanks ever so much Laura. 🙂

Monday I went shopping the thrift store with a friend.  Look what I found!  It appears to be a 100% wool blanket.  It fulled up quite nicely.

wool-blanket-VVAnd I finally pulled my dye job indoors.  It took a while for it to dry in the humidity last weekend and early this week.  But here it is, all ready to be folded up and put in the appropriate bag for my various projects.

dye-weekendI have one more day of mega cooking for the renovation.  I have 28 meals in the freezer and 4 more recipes to go, all of which will be doubled.  Other meals will be cooked on the hot plate.  Then I shall have to stop because my freezer is definitely looking full.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 🙂

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