This means it’s housework day for us!  Lots of laundry and cleaning to clear up the mess these guys are making.  This renovation has gone far beyond the kitchen, which is making me a bit nervous.  The contractor has promised to do a new updated quote for us, once the electricians finish. They are taking their own sweet time.  We have a guy wiring the house who isn’t even an electrician!  But he is under the supervision of an electrician.  I am not totally happy with his work.  I have a few questions.  On the bright side, they are removing all the old defunct wiring in the house as well as still in use knob and tube!!!

As for rug hooking…yesterday I hooked a couple more star ornaments.  I also attended Creative Saskatchewan’s information session and came away as confused as ever.  The application process is so complicated it is a real barrier for small one person shows like mine.  I need to be producing, not filling out grant applications!

There was one grant that caught my eye though, and that was one for setting up a proper website where I could sell my work and hooking supplies.  Not sure I want to get into selling hooking supplies.  And the cost of maintaining said website would probably be more than I pay Etsy right now.

I drew 14 more star ornaments on backing.  They are on my frame ready to hook.  I have the five I hooked cut apart and serged, ready to be blocked today.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I plan to. 🙂


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