WIP-hemmingI hooked more Christmas ornaments.  At this rate I should be finished hooking them by the end of the week, and finished totally by next week.  Then it is back to prairie skies. 🙂

I also blocked the first group of Christmas ornaments and pressed in their edges.  I cut the lining for them and pressed it to the right size for attaching to the backs of the ornaments.  Found some ribbon for hanging them as well.  I will have lots of sewing to do at Crafting this week! 🙂

Someone asked me recently if I ever grew bored of hooking these same rugs.  I guess if I had a pattern I went by and used the same textures over and over again in the same order I might.  But I draw freehand so each one is a bit different, and I mix up the colours and textures from one piece to the next.  Plus they are small, so that keeps me from growing bored with them.  And I also hook larger pieces in-between them.  So no, I do not grow bored of hooking them. 🙂


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