Lots happening today…mostly out of my studio.  But I plan to take my work with me. 🙂

What is on the agenda?

  • sew hanging sleeves for more Prairie Sky rugettes this morning before I leave the house,
  • attach them to the Prairie Sky rugettes this afternoon while I’m away,
  • press in the edges to the linings for the ornaments this morning before I leave the house,
  • sew ornaments together, or start.  There are a lot of them!
  • if I have time, start hooking more Prairie Sky rugettes.

Why am I out of the studio a lot today?  I have a dental appointment this morning and I need to dry my stevia this afternoon.  I have no working oven.  Current plan is to do it at the church, but I have to run that by the minister first.  I know I can dry it other ways, but the men are mudding and sanding drywall today and I just do not want to be in the dust!  I am encouraging Hubby to leave the house also.

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