My Christmas cards arrived from yesterday!  They are roughly 4 1/2″ x 6″, come with a white envelope, are blank inside, and sell for $5 each.  I will be taking some to the gallery shops the beginning of October.  I ordered the plastic sleeves for them today.  Take a look… 🙂

xmas-cards-1I am pretty proud of these cards because they are the first I photographed and edited myself.  Both hubby and the boarder like them.  Hopefully they will sell.

I had a momentary heart stoppage today when I realized I was missing two Prairie Sky rugettes I had hooked a couple weeks ago. What with all the traveling around I do and taking them places to work on, I was afraid I lost them in transit or left them someplace.  Turns out they simply fell down behind my yarn cubbies in front of the window.  I quickly retrieved them and finished them.

Now it is time to finish the Christmas ornaments.  I have the hanging ribbon sewn on all of them.  It is just a case of sewing on linings.

Then it is off to hook a few more Prairie Sky rugettes.  I figure about twenty will do.

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