WIP-PS-OC-9 WIP-PS-R-5Spent time in my sewing room purging stuff.  Lots there to get rid of and sort!  Hubby and I talked about cutting down the large sewing unit into more usable and moveable pieces.  He is in favour of that.  And of buying storage cupboards with doors for the supplies on my storage unit.  That will clean up the look of the room immensely, and also give us more manageable pieces to move when we have to downsize.

Hooked the rest of the Prairie Sky wall hangings for Traditions on my backing.  Just have two more to go to use up the backing entirely.  Then it will be finishing time on them as well.

Still lining the Christmas ornaments.  I had almost 30 to do and am slowly working at finishing them.  I have 8 left.

Thinking about my rug for the Plein Air Hooking Artists Sauder Village exhibit.


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